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  • PHARMA MIX 3 Ampules

    PHARMA MIX 3 Ampules

    • Test. Enanth;Nandr. Deca;Tren Enanth.
    • 500 mg/ml
    • 10

PHARMA MIX 3 is the ultimate stack for extreme gains! The combination of testosterone enanthate, trenbolone enanthate, and nandrolone decanoate is a remarkable stack of absolute power. Athletes highly value testosterone for its ability to promote strong increases in muscle mass and strength. Nandrolone, widely considered a quintessential drug for massive bulk, has become one of the most famous performance-enhancing drugs in sports and bodybuilding thanks to the quantity and quality of body mass gains it has the ability to promote. Trenbolone, one of the most powerful injectable anabolic steroids ever manufactured, is highly valued for its ability to increase strength, muscle hardness, and definition. Because of its potency, PHARMA MIX 3 is only intended for advanced users and professionals. 

WARNING: If using a high-concentration product for the first time, it is strongly recommended that only ½ mL be injected to check the body’s reaction and avoid possible side effects, which can include post-injection pain (PIP), high body temperature, lumps, etc. 


  • Testosterone Enanthate;200 mg/ml
  • Trenbolone Enanthate;100 mg/ml
  • Nandrolone Decanoate;200 mg/ml
Active half-life Classification Dosage Acne
mix of esters (from 4.5 to 12 days) Anabolic steroid Men 500 - 1500 mg / week Rarely
WATER RETENTION HBR Hepatoxity Aromatization
High Yes Yes Yes


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