Dear customers!

It came to our knowledge, that our products are counterfeited! Ill-wishers forged thousands units of our orals and Human Growth Hormone, which currently do not have check codes. We are currently working on it. Below you can find a photo of a fake package with pills:

image host

These packages look similar to ours, but pills are severely underdosed.

Also our HGH was counterfeited. We do not have yet photos of the full package, only this low quality photo of the cap:

image host

It is similar to our original caps, but blue color has a darker shade. Here are original vials:

image host image host image host image host image host

We are working on fixing this situation.

In the meantime we insistently recommend to buy our products only from proven official distributors! Only so we can guarantee that you receive genuine products. If you have doubts, whether your dealer is legit or not, please use the Dealers section or contact us.

We will resolve this issue soon.

Hope for understanding.

Sincerely yours,

Pharmacom Labs team

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