About our orals and HGH

Dear customers! Last time we received lot of claims that our resellers sell fake pills and HGH because they can not be checked in the respective section of our site.

We would like to calm everyone down and explain the situation. Only our oils are supplied with check codes. Our pills in blisters and HGH as well as ampules do not have them, but have a lot of protection elements so that any counterfeits are hardly possible. A very expensive equipment is required for this. It is much easier and cheaper for forgers to counterfeit some other poorly secured brands and products. No one forger will invest lot of money into such a questionable affair. Mates, our pills have only batch numbers and you always try to check the authenticity by entering these batch numbers. Thousands of packages can have the same batch number and any forger would be able just to copy it. Hence, we do not use batch numbers for checking the authenticity of our products. If you enter a batch number you will get a message, that your product is fake. Only scratched check codes shall be checked!

Moreover, please be informed that our new packages for the oral line have a new light design. Photos with the new design are uploaded to our site! Please check!

Thank you for your attention and may the force be with you!

Dianabolos 10